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YellowAnt is a simple bot that everyone uses to control and monitor each and every app or tool that he uses not only in his workplace but also his daily life, thus increasing their efficiency. /Once the YellowAnt bites its user, it gives them the superpowers to control each app and every tool that he uses not only in his workplace but also his daily life/. YellowAnt has its own marketplace of apps to choose from and users can themselves build apps and upload it to our marketplace just like any other AppStore.

We often feel stressed that we have a plethora of apps to manage. Let’s take a simple situation in which you have to go to an app to check mails, then add an appointment in your calendar, then make notes for it in another app and then finally tweet about it using a completely different app. But with YellowAnt all these tasks can be done with four simple commands! Magical, isn’t it? This is just a beginning of a new era in which you and your whole team, simply use YellowAnt to work without the hassle of managing tens of apps and hopping from one app to another.

Wait, there is more. YellowAnt is an intelligent bot, it helps you with our console and quickly eases you with its commands. With time it learns your usage patterns and suggests you easier ways to manage your tasks. It can also chat with you like the bots you have on your smartphones, and slowly it understands if you are a Game of Thrones or Westworld fan or any of your interests and hobbies for that matter. Try talking to it about /Input from Vishwa/

Getting Started

Since you now have an idea of what YellowAnt does, let’s show you how to get started. Every user can signup for FREE in just two easy steps and start using YellowAnt. Once you click on the “signup” button, you can connect to YellowAnt account using email id or using Slack. You can also join using the invitation link sent to you by an existing team member.

Using Email

If you are an individual and do not have a team name, create a new team name and then enter your email id in the subsequent tab. An individual can later add new team members.

If you are in a team, enter your team name and your own email id and signup. This creates a new team wherein new team members can be invited and added.

Once you enter your team name and email id, your first step of registration in completed.

Now for the final step, you need to go to your registered email account and click on “Finish Registration” in the “Complete Registration” email sent to you by YellowAnt. This will lead you to a page wherein after you fill your personal details and create a user id, you are done! Have a happy journey with YellowAnt!

Using Slack

Slack users can directly signup with their slack accounts by clicking on the “Sign up with #Slack”. After which you will be asked to log in your slack account. If you are already logged in your slack account then it will directly lead you to the authorization page, where after just once click you are good to go! Hope you have a wonderful experience with YellowAnt!

You can also join an existing team using invitation link sent to you by a team member who already uses YellowAnt. Just click on the link and then you will need to go to your registered email account and click on “Finish Registration” in the “Complete Registration” email sent to you by YellowAnt. This will lead you to a page wherein after you fill your details and create a user id, you are ready to use YellowAnt! Have a blissful journey with YellowAnt!


YellowAnt gives you superpowers, and integrations are your superpowers! These integrations or as we usually call them “apps”, can be linked to your account by means of just one click! Our Marketplace contains all our integrations.

It does not matter if you are a software developer, manager, analyst or just a common individual like all of us, there is a buffet of apps for you to integrate. If you cannot find your desired app in our marketplace, although I can assure that you will find many, the stage is all set for you to build an app by yourself with our easy to use Software Development Kit(SDK). Do not be misguided by these huge development words like SDK or API, it’s a very basic set of instructions by which you and all of us integrate big apps like Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, 9gag and much more to the YellowAnt Marketplace.

If you still do not want to create your own integration, no worries, just drop us a mail on and we will work on it. We really enjoy when we get requests to build new integrations.

Let us take a look at YellowAnt Marketplace. The marketplace is designed to suit everyone. It consists of some generic apps like Wikipedia, RSS, and Stackexchange. It also contains Development tools like Github, Bitbucket and much more. Marketing personnel love our analytics integrations and managers are hooked to our CRM ones. Even people who are not using it for the workplace can use Twitter, Youtube, Evernote and Google Apps integrations. Then comes the applications by Google such as calendar, Gmail, contacts, drive. These all can be managed single-handedly by YellowAnt. Surprised? There is more to come.

Our team at YellowAnt is dedicated to providing you all the apps that are needed and are therefore working on integrating huge apps like Amazon Web Services, Salesforce, CircleCi, Sentry, AirBrake, NewRelic and the list goes on and on. There is always more integrations to build.

Integrating your first application

Woah, You are on a streak! Hold on for a sec. One second is all you need to integrate our apps with your YellowAnt Bot. Let me give you a taste of it. We all use Gmail, don’t we? So join me in integrating Gmail right now.

Step 1. Go to Marketplace.
Step 2. Click on Gmail icon and then click “integrate”.
Step 3. Click on “Add account” and signin with your gmail account and then click “authorise”.

Congratulations on your gaining your First superpower, many more to gain.

Hurrah! Time for your first command

Now, what if I say that with your new superpower/integration you can receive and send all your emails on YellowAnt and you can even receive mails containing a particular word in it by just one command? Intriguing, eh! Give it a try!

gmail fetch from inbox—> To recieve all your unread mails.
gmail send from "" to "" with subject "Test" and message "Hi"?—> To send a mail to a recipient with a subject and the body.
gmail search query "specific"—> To recieve mails with a particular word in it.

Getting acquainted with commands

Our interface is completely designed to make our user experience a blissful one, so for any command you type, you will get suggestions how to proceed on with your command so that you will never have to learn our commands. How convenient!

But, if you love us so much and want to learn more about our product to be as efficient as possible, our YellowAnt has the most user-friendly commands and we say this with a sense of pride. This is because of our omnipresent command structure:

'integration' 'function' 'key' ' "value" '

For example:

twitter tweet status "Hello World"

Here we can easily relate that twitter is the ‘integration’, tweet is the ‘function’ to perform, status is the ‘key’ and "Hello World" is the ‘ “value” ’.
And thats all you need to focus on! Simple?

There are commands which have more than one key and one value:

'integration' 'function' ' key-1 ' ' "value-1" ' ' key-2 ' ' "value-2" ' ...... 'key-n' ' "value-n" '

For example:

github createissue repo "my-repo" title " my issue title" description "a description of the issue"

The above command has 3 keys and 3 values. Here we can relate that github is the integration, createissue is the function, repo is the key-1, “my-repo” is the “value-1”, title is the key-2, "my issue title" is the “value-2”, description is the key-3 and "a description of the issue" is the “value-3”.

All the integrations in YellowAnt have their own set of commands. You can learn how to use each one of them and their functions in our Marketplace and click on any integration you want to know more about.

Hope that now we are on the same page as to how a command is structured in YellowAnt. Our intelligent bot is always there to assist you with commands and will even give suggestions to correct your commands if there is any error. For any further queries do email us on

Need Help? Our Intelligent bot is always there for you!

YellowAnt Bot is your sidekick who is present with you to explain you all the commands and integrations in simple layman terms. It will even correct you when you commit a typing error or make a mistake.

To use the bot for any trouble regarding integrations, use the following command:

help application name "integration name"

For example, if you need help with “Google Calendar”:

help application name calendar

To use the bot for any trouble regarding a particular command for a particular integration, use the following command:

help explain command "command name" application "integration name"

For example, if you need help with “send” command in “gmail”:

`help explain command send application gmail

Thus here we can co-relate that “command name” is send and “integration” is gmail.

For an in-depth knowledge of any command for each integration visit our marketplace and click on any integration you want to learn more about.

Support and Feedback

There is always room for some trouble to sneak in, and in those times our YellowAnt professionals are there to help you out in all possible manner. You can directly have a conversation with them on our chat application on our main page. Our dedicated team will reach you as soon as possible.

You can also contact us on

We love when our users give us their feedback. Do give us yours on